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Assessing the outdatedness of our web site translations


Half a year ago I said that I was working on weeding out outdated
translations from the web site. Outdated, in this context, means
translations that has not been updated along with their original
documents for several months.

Finally I have got around to follow up on it. I have prepared a report
at <URL:http://people.debian.org/~peterk/outdated/> which lists, for
each language, all documents not updated for two weeks.

My intention is to, at some point, start removing from the archive all
pages that have not been updated for six months after the document its
translates has changed, on the basis that keeping these ancient
translations on-line will just confuse the readers more than they will

I will not do this until normal cvs operations have been restored,
however. I know that some translation teams are struggling at the
moment due to lack of proper cvs access.

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