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Re: Validation pages up and running

* Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org> [2003-12-23 23:53]:
> Japanese translators requested many times that English text (at least
> text which is embedded in all languages) use plain ASCII (with entities
> if needed) and not ISO-8859-1.  Unless there is a good reason not to
> accept, I will change English files to fix these errors.

 I thought Peter said that the copypage.pl script does cope with that?
Or is there any special reason the japanese translators doesn't want to
use that?

 Oh, just a second, I can see the impact: It isn't only about the
initial translation but also about updates. Yes, those can get tricky if
there is an 8bit character in the diff.

 So long,
Alfie [brainstorming with myself]
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