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An open letter to the open source community about the security of open source pr

An open letter to the open source community about the security of open source projects.

With the recent attacks on open source projects I was stuck by and idea. I thought that open source projects could come together and pool there resources to form a project whose soul goal would be to protect the networks that open source projects use.The common goal of all open source projects is to distribute open source software at no cost to anyone and everyone. This leaves all projects open to possible attacks. It is my belief that if large open source projects pool their resources they can not only protect them selves and each other but keep the open source movement alive. On top of that this project could set an example for others on how network security can permeable to some but still protect a networks assets.

I envisioned this project consisting of four parts. One part would deal with workstation security. This part would be responsible for setting proper procedure and making sure users follow it as well as securing and maintaining each workstation. A second part would be responsible for network security. This part would ultimately be responsible for securing and maintaining servers, routers, hubs, switches etc. A third part would be responsible for network protection and forensics. This part would watch network activity for possible attacks and track down hackers of past attacks.

It is my belief that these three parts would work in tandem to protect each project. I also believe that if you combined the resources of large projects like Gentoo, Debian and the FSF that these projects would have a better chance of surviving attacks.

This is just and idea. I thought I would send it out to some people who obviously know more about it then I do and get some feedback.

So if you like my idea or have something to add or anything email me at Chriscorcoran9@hotmail.com

Thank You for Your Time and have a wonderful day!
-Chris Corcoran

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