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Re: Creating the devel/wnpp reports

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 12:58:11PM +0100, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> The script is webwml/english/devel/wnpp/wnpp.pl from the webwml CVS.
> > Can those be easily extended to include a Request For Sponsor report?
> Yes, should be no problem. All they do is parsing the subject, so
> it's basically another if block. I can produce a basic patch for you
> until tomorrow, if you want (no time today).

Is such a patch enough to have a new section on w.d.o/devel/wnpp ? Some time
ago i proposed a Request For Help[1] on -qa and seemd a good idea. I had no time
to figure out how it was done on www.. Since you are going to patch that script,
could you please add RFH too?

[1] It was meant to request for Co-Maintainers, but RFC is not appropriate,
IMHO. RFH might be misleading too (the help tag on BTS). Perheps RFU
(Uploaders) can be used, but I'm not sure.
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