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suggested change to w.d.o/distrib/floppyinst page

I received some time ago a suggestion on how to rephrase the last two
steps described in this page. This is the suggestion. If noone objects,
then I could commit in a few days.

Thanks to Pete John for the suggestion.

- Boot from the rescue floppy, following the instructions in the
installation manual
- At the "boot:" prompt, press enter, and follow the installation
instructions in the installation manual
- Configure your network card driver correctly (this is an essential
- When the installation process prompts you to choose between CD/Hard
Disk/Network/Floppy media, choose "Network"
- Connect to a Debian mirror and download the installation files, as
described in the installation manual

That separates (and makes explicit) the decision to choose a kernel
the need to configure a network driver, and the choice of installation


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