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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA-374-1] New libpam-smb packages fix buffer overflow

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2003-08-29 14:25]:
> Err no... it was inserted into the CVS before.  The filename was correct,
> hence, the "correct" number on the web.  Only the text and subject were
> wrong since... as I said... typo due to thick and clumsy fingers this
> morning.  Sorry for that.

 No real problem, we are all still human and prone to errors, and it is
good so. Anyone else telling you otherwise is a jerk.

>Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>>  Still, this leaves us with two DSA 374 now.
> The proper action is to move the node DSA to 375-1 and insert the
> pam_swb DSA as 374.

 Because there doesn't seem to be any objection to this I'll rename
them.  I'll move the translations too, any translation that will be
added in the meantime while I do this is a problem of the translator
themself, I can't "lock" the directory for them until I finished moving.
Will check for problems though.

 So long,
The theory is that since we haven't set a date for sarge's release yet, it
can't possibly be late, and that therefore adding more people will make it
release sooner. Or was it that one about many cooks? No, no, many _hands_.
Yes, that was it.  -- Anthony Towns, <20030307181306.GB6621@azure.humbug.org.au>

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