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split.pl finished -- major problem


 I guess I'm finished with my split.pl script.  Things that I fixed
since the version I sent on monday:

 -) Does now purge the included toc and adds the automatically generated
 -) Checks the translation version with a included hardcoded version
    number, and adds a translation-check header with revision 1.1 (if
    uptodate) or 1.0 (if outdated) to the generated splitted files.

 The only thing that I noticed just now is that the entries are now
doubled in the output: Once the english entry and once the translated
one :-((

 This must be a similar problem to the one we had with the devel/todo/
page.  Can anyone (Frank? :) remember how it was solved there?  If I
remember correctly the original problem there was that only the
translated files are seen, which isn't optimal neither. Was that fixed
already? How?  The "Overwrite" doesn't seem to work.

 Anyone a clue how to solve this "double feature"? I currently can't
think of a solution to this, only maybe doing the include in pass 3
(eperl) which would on the other hand not let us use pass 2 (mp4h)
within the userdetail pages, which definitely is a PITA.

use Mail::Signature;
$sig = Mail::Signature->new;
print $sig->random;

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