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users page split


 Alright, someone got me moving.  The users page does need a split, and
it does need it NOW, otherwise the translation of that page is a horror
(especially if one hasn't translated it right from the start).

 So, what do I suggest/willing to work on?  I suggest to create several
subdirectories below the users directory called edu, com, org and gov
to put the different users into the appropriate directory according to
their current setup.  Then there will be in the main index.wml just a
include-like setup like we have on the devel/todo/ page that handels the
different user entries and the translations for them, and create the TOC
out of it.  Hardcoded TOCs are bad, bad, BAD and must die.

 It might be easy afterwards to maybe split the edu, com, org and gov
sections in even their own pages, I personally think that the current
setup is already too big and can need the split.  The TOCs of all of
them could be on the main page but the entries themself should be put in
different pages.

 So, if noone objects (and I guess everyone would be glad that someone
is willing to do the hard work here) I will start working on that
problem now.  I guess I can finish a working setup within the next week
or such, but don't nail me if it takes me longer.  Such a change should
be tested throughly.

 What about the currently existing pages, you might ask?  If they are
uptodate with the current english page I am willing to help to split
them. (Maybe I will even write a short script to do that automagically
-- it will be a dirty hack but it will be needed only once anyway ;-)
If they aren't uptodate with the current english page (hello, portuguese
and spanish!) please update them to the current revision so the split
can be made for you, too.  The splitted pages will automagically get
revision 1.1 if you are uptodate, otherwise I'm thinking of giving the
translations the revision 1.1.

 So long,
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