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Re: www.debina.org & opera

* "Rodney D. Myers" <rdmyers@pe.net> [2003-07-23 09:54]:
> I'm using Opera 7.11, and some javascript on the main page cause Opera
> to crash/die/abort/quit running.

 As you have been told there is no JavaScript on www.debian.org,
especially none on the front page.

 FWIW, I just tried with Opera 7.11 (Linux, Debian Package
7.11-20030515.2) myself and didn't notice any crash.

> It is annoying when trying to gather info, to have my web browser of
> choice, suddenly cease to be running.

 There must be a different problem here.  Please try to track the
problem down and be more verbose and less obscure ("some" is not a good
error description).

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