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Re: Web Pages TODO List - Security

* doug jensen <djen@ispwest.com> [2003-07-20 18:53]:
> So, I will make those corrections and send the patches back to the list
> to be commited, or bug reports to www.debian.org, or ...?

 Send them to the list, IMHO no need to bloat the BTS with it. If noone
reacts you can still send them to the BTS for them to be more visible.

 About your initial question if the security team should be informed of
the changes, I guess Josip misunderstood it (or I do ,).  You don't need
to inform the security team about changes that doesn't change the core
text of the advisory.  If it's about changes to the infrastructure of
the files (like, links back to the archive or cross references) you
don't need to inform them. If you on the other hand like to change
texting which might change the meaning of the text it would rather be a
good idea to ask them.

 Uhm, on second thought, I guess Matt and/or Javier are doing a database
of crossreferences to vulnerability databases, they might be interested
in your changes in that part, too.

 So long,
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