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Spamming of e-mail address in bug reports

I have previously contacted you on several occasions (without success) to try and persuade you to remove my e-mail address from several postings and bug reports. Since the address appeared in your public archives, it has been the recipient of many spam e-mails. While in general I would like to contribute to the development of Linux I feel this to be a huge dis-incentive to me doing so.

The address I would like removing (or at the very least munging/ editing/ add _nospam_ somewhere obvious/ change local part to spam@)
is (in spammer-proof form) 'eddy' at 'eddylangley' dot net (a domain I own).

It is featured in:
Bug 93421 (debian.bugs.dist, debian.bugs.closed, http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2001/debian-boot-200104/msg00531.html

and my earlier attempts at getting this address removed in linux.debian.www (see:

(Easiest just to google for the address in google groups).

I would be extremely grateful if you could remove the address from the postings.

Many thanks,


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