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Re: Assessing the outdatedness of our web site translations


On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 10:50:43PM +0100, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Some of the translations of our web site are more actively maintained
> than others. Just looking at the number of CVS version steps between
> the translated version and the current English original doesn't really
> tell much, sometimes there's just one change in a year, sometimes there
> are five in a day. I wanted to find a better measure, so I updated
> check_trans.pl so that it returned how long it has gone since a
> particular translation became outdated.
> I have set the script only to report on pages that have not been
> updated since three or more weeks (to keep out the "noise" from
> recently changed pages). It showed an alarming number of pages that
> have not been updated for a long time, some translations are outdated
> for more than a year (this includes some English pages!).
> Since unmaintained translations make us look bad, I propose that we run
> this script automatically, say once a month, and do a "cvs delete" on
> all translations that are outdated for more than a specified amount of
> time (perhaps six months is a good number). The translations can easily
> be revived in the CVS when the translation project resumes, so there's
> not much extra work involved for the translation teams, plus that the
> web site visitors are sure not to get *too* outdated translations. (The
> notice at the top of the page is nice and all, but it does not say
> anything about *how* outdated the page is).

I don't like the idea of cvs rm'ing such outdated files. I would prefer to
find a way to get those pages not offered by the webserver by default, but
still available if the user do click on a special link like "see the old

Another idea could be to put the oldness in the warning at the top of the
pages from time to time. The problem is that it would imply to rebuild all
outdated pages each time to get this counter right.

Bye, Mt.

Si les grands esprits se rencontrent, les petits esprits, eux, se cognent.

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