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non-english originals in translation statistics -- why?


 I noticed that we now have non-english originals listed in the
translation statistics as not translated pages, too.  I'd like to
question why?  It doesn't really make much sense for the usual
translation teams to translate from a different language than from
english, because someone has to maintain that translation and usually
people speaking many languages are rare -- it's hard enough to find
people that are willing to help translating from english.

 I now see all these international/{Chinese,Polish,french,spanish}/
pages which don't have any english corresponding files going with them,
it would be more than helpful to not have them listed at all (and I
guess I'm not the only one who's a little bit annoyed by that). There
usually is no way for people to translate them, but if they like and do,
their translations would be checked for being uptodate anyway, so no
loss when not listing them.

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