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Re: discriminatory expression in DWN?

Tomohiro KUBOTA said:
> When I was checking translation of 
> webwml/english/News/weekly/2003/14/index.wml , I found
> the following sentence:
> > Debian Universe".  He admits that the current Debian installer
> > is ugly but also notes that some people believe that a not so easy installer
>                                                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > will keep horde of unwashed masses away from Debian who aren't worthy of such
>   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > a fine OS!  In the article Jonathan describes in detail how the installer
>   ~~~~~~~~~~
> I think the sentence (underlined part) means that there are people who
> are so foolish that they should not use Debian, and a difficult installer
> is a good thing because it can prevent such foolish people to use Debian.
> Is this interpretation correct?

That's what it means, yes.  Bear in mind though that it is not DWN or
the Debian project that is saying that though: DWN is reporting that in
the linmagau article, Jonathan Oxer said that some people say that (the
above underlined statement).  DWN said somebody said somebody said
something!  =)  I don't know if this can be made any more clear in the
English original without directly quoting from the article, which would
at least indicate that the statement came from elsewhere.


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