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Re: insufficient linking for subproject

Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:
> > Maybe / could link to a 'Debian Subprojects' page in devel/subprojects
> > that explains major issues about sub-projects and lists all of them.
> Well, it's not for devel, it's for users  -- or it should be.  I mean,
> there does need to be a place for users to get info on these projects
> they are interested in...

When the link is placed on the main page, it should not matter if the
page actually lays in /devel/, /users/, /foo/ or whatever.  That was
the intention for placing it on the main page, make it generally

Pages generally intended to users are the documents in /releases/ and
/doc/ I guess.  Feel free to place information there.



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