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As I wrote in the "Unidetified subject!" thread, I rewrite the
Mirrors.masterlist file to use ASCII characters only (including
SGML entity expressions which themselves are written in ASCII).

Howevere, I found that these SGML entities themselves appear in
the webpage of


against my intension.  This is because "&" is processed in some
scripts and modified into "&".

I think there are several ways of solutions.

1) Modify the scripts not to modify "&" into "&", and leave
   the Mirrors.masterlist as it is.

2) Restore the Mirrors.masterlist and modify the scripts to change
   8bit characters into SGML entities.

3) Modify the Mirrors.masterlist to use UTF-8 and modify the scripts
   to change UTF-8 characters into SGML entities.

Now, 2) cannot be a solution because I found Mirrors.masterlist
uses not only ISO-8859-1 but also ISO-8859-2 characters.

How about 1) or 3) ?

PS. I found


is too old.  Why isn't it regenerated since Nov 11, 2002 ?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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