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problem finding "free" os download


I've spent one and one half hours scouring your web pages, looking to
download your so called free OS.

I'm 64 years old and don't have that time to spend on futile searches.

is it, or is it not FREE?

and if it is....where can i download it?

I've been all over the map...trying to get a download site that has it but
all i seem to get back to is the click and add to an already existing linux
os( previous loaded on a Wal-Mart computer.

I'd like to try your os on my aged computer, 1998, but can't find a plain
old, simple, free trial sample download, for a dial up account, with a
current windows os.although i seem to find it, and when i read the fine
print, it's for a computer that's PRE_LOADED already, from Wal-Mart, etc.

please respond as to whether you actually do have an ACCESSIBLE download
site, as some of them are INACCESSIBLE.


Carolyn Hunter

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