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Re: Makefile broken

* Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org> [2002-10-27 18:12]:
> webwml/*/international/Makefile seems to be broken for all languages
> except Catalan. I guess I didn't notice I had to change it everywhere at
> the time I committed our stuff. Is there a script to make the update
> everywhere, should I do it by hand, or is someone else in charge of
> these things?

 Whoever addresses the things is in charge of it.  If you do it right
you can get away with it anyway.

> The Makefile needs to list Catalan in the subdirs.

 Yes, that's right.  It should be no problem to change that for all the
languages.  Please keep in mind that some translation switched over to
sync instead of copy and have only one line in it -- don't get puzzled
there but leave that makefile alone.

 Have fun,
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