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Re: mailing list pages

* Josip Rodin <joy@gkvk.hr> [2002-10-27 19:49]:
> For example, http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/

 Looks nice, and that the "clear" button isn't alligned with the other
two is also a good idea.

 One thing just: Do you think it would be possible to get the list-info
in there, too?  That informations would be great.  And make these
index-pages multilingual?

 Furthermore I guess we should have the disclaimer page linked right
next to the subscribe/unsubscribe field, too.  People don't read it but
they shouldn't be able to blame us that they don't find it neither.

> I'd like to start changing all references to /MailingLists/subscribe#list
> to point there, because the large subscription page is, well, large, and
> it's pretty clumsy for subscribing to a single list. Any objections?

 No objections if you include the (translated) list description on the
pages.  If you don't I partly object.

 Have fun,

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