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Improving the footer for DWN

I'd like to update the way the footer is created for DWN.  At the
moment, we're using wml::debian::weeklynews::footer which has a large
sliced switch statement to reflect the different set of authors for

This worked well when Joy was preparing DWN, since not much changed.
However, recently it became Tollef, then Tollef + Zonker, then Zonker
and me, then Yooseong and me, then me, now it's Matt Black, Andre
Lehovich and me, and it'll probably change again in the future.

I don't like the idea of editing the footer.wml file each time there
are different authors for DWN, especially since this requires a full
rebuild of all DWN issues.

Therefore, I'd rather like to have an additional mechanism to specify
the authors on a per-issue bases.  I'm thinking about something like:

   <define-tag authors>Matt Black, Andre Lehovich, Martin Schulze</define-tag>
   #use wml::debian::weeklynews::footer

or just

   #use wml::debian::weeklynews::footer

if the fallback from footer.wml is used.

That would mean that footer.wml would require some magic code to split
up the <authors> tag, add mailto anchors and format it according to
the current language setting.

Hmm, wait, that would mean adding another mail address would force a
rebuild again.

Could somebody cook up a solution for this?



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	-- Larry Wall

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