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Bug#166028: Solution : use SPAMMODE ?

* Xavier Poinsard <xavier.poinsard@openpricer.com> [2002-10-24 09:56]:
> Looking at the MHonArc site, I found that you can use a SPAMMODE flag :
> http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/MHonArc/doc/resources/spammode.html

 That doesn't really work.  We don't want to ruin the posibility to mail
the poster.

 Btw., I've seen one archive that used that.  It has also a HTML-Comment
in it like this:

 <!-- X-FROM-ROT13: Tresevrq Shpuf <nysvrNvfg.bet> -->

 That is, the From: header rot13'ed (the @ replaced with an A (or N in
rot13)).  That might be an idea that I can live with for it is still
possible to mail the origin poster.  Removing the feature of being able
to write the poster completely is a no-option (to me, but I am not the
only one with this opinion).

 Have fun,
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