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Re: Official jigdo files for testing?

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 07:16:53PM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/ says:
> > Official jigdo files for the "testing" distribution on CD (all
> > architectures, regenerated weekly) 
> Is it true that the jigdo files for "testing" are OFFICIAL ?

Ye-es, these are strange times... ;-)

Manty said so in his posting on debian-cd from October 10 ("Basic
Sarge CDs available for testing"):

| I'm happy to announce that we have produced the first official Sarge
| CDs for testing, this CDs are not bootable at all and should only be
| of any use if you are planning to upgrade your system to Sarge, a.k.a. 
| testing, the Debian version currently being developed, or if you just
| want to test them.

and apparently our venerable old and new release manager also regards
them as such (same thread):

| Seriously, we've got _official bootable CDs_ now, let's stop pussy
| footing around, and knock the other silly little obstacles out of the
| way too.

IMHO, they are official because they are made by DDs and hosted on a
debian.org server - they're "official" in the same way that the
testing distribution is.



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