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Bug#165017: www.debian.org: Keysigning page gives obsolete URL

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 02:45:52PM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Package: www.debian.org
> Version: unavailable; reported 2002-10-16
> Severity: minor
> On the page 
>    http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning
> it says that
>    If the person whose key you want to sign is not
>    in the Debian keyring, replace keyring.debian.org
>    with a public keyserver like pgpkeys.pgp.net
>    (which despite the name also stores GnuPG keys.)
> This keyserver is no longer online.  How 'bout pgp.mit.edu ?

As I recall, there is not a good public key server ... As I wrote in:

   As of now, good keyservers are:

      keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net
      keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net

   Here one must be careful not to create more than 2 sub-keys. If you do,
   keyservers on pgp.net will corrupt your key. Also, only one keyserver can
   be specified in $HOME/.gnupg/options.

   Unfortunately, the following does not work any more:

      keyserver search.keyserver.net
      keyserver pgp.ai.mit.edu
  The following will upload my key "A8061F32" to multiple key servers:

      $ for xx in us es cz de dk uk ch net.uk earth.net.uk; \
      $ do gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.$xx.pgp.net  --send-keys A8061F32; done

---- (My additional comment here) ---
keyserver.net is proprietary service
mit one seems low bandwidth or firewall protected...

I hope this may help new web page.
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