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Bug#165017: www.debian.org: Keysigning page gives obsolete URL

Gerfried Fuchs said:
> * Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk> [2002-10-16 14:45]:
> > On the page 
> >    http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning
> > it says that
> >    If the person whose key you want to sign is not
> >    in the Debian keyring, replace keyring.debian.org
> >    with a public keyserver like pgpkeys.pgp.net
> >    (which despite the name also stores GnuPG keys.)
> > 
> > This keyserver is no longer online.  How 'bout pgp.mit.edu ?
>  I'd sugguest wwwkeys.pgp.net :-)  Seven different servers in the
> background are likely to not die at the same time *gg*
>  Have fun,
> Alfie

Why not search.keyserver.net?  It's not associated with the PGP product
or branding.  Though I agree that the round-robin setup (or whatever it
is) with the wwwkeys servers is a Good Thing.  Maybe you could just
refer to both services.

There's probably a lot of overlap between the two services: the most
recent wwwkeys.pgp.net report says it has 1,649,308 keys and the
keyserver.net page says it has 1,650,709 keys.

Why there isn't just one grand unified (but distributed in RR fashion
like wwwkeys) service, I don't know ...  =)


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