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Re: Todo list (was: Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by peterk: webwml/english/devel/todo index.wml)

Le ven 11/10/2002 à 11:57, Peter Karlsson a écrit :
> Gerfried Fuchs:
> >  Well, that doesn't _really_ work properly in the translations.
> I know. The problem is that without pointing to the english dir, a
> translation that does *not* have all the entries fails completely to
> show anything.

Maybe it would be better to run a script when *English* is updated :
- copy all the new entries to the languages directories,
- remove all obsolete entries in the languages directories,
- sync modified entries which are not translated (maybe they should be
tagged with a "# English" on the first line, or such),
- i believe the modified entries will already be tagged as such for
languages which have them translated.

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