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dsa-173 changes by peterk


 I am not fully convinced that changing the 2^48 notation is better
written with 2<sup>48</sup>.  I guess I am not the only one who uses a
textmode browser (at least I know joey doesn't use graphical ones
usually) and the rendering of 2<sup>48</sup> ends up in 248 in textmode

 That is a *bad* thing -- but I don't really know what would be better.
Joey suggested on irc using "2^48 (2<sup>48</sup>)" or similar.  Any
preferences how this should be addressed?  I dislike the idea of
confusing textmode browser using people.

 So long,
    - Water effect intro screen (cool!).
    - Multiple views in the screen (cooler!).
    - Fixed a lot of bugs (coolest!).
 -- David Martínez Moreno, changelog.Debian for freecraft (1:1.17-1)

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