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Re: Slides in the DDP CVS

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Javier [iso-8859-1] Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> 	I was not speaking of MagicPoint.  I do use TeX (as is) for some
> presentations myself, it does do things MagicPoint couldn't. Other people
> have HTML templates to show presentations using the web browser...
Well for sure you are completely right here.

> 	That's because of Makefile.common in the wml sources. The only
> files installed (by default) when they are present on a given dir are:
> OTHERFILES := $(wildcard *.ps.gz *.eps *.pdf *.css)
> OTHERFILES += $(wildcard *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif *.png *.fig *.xcf.gz *.ppm)
This is what I expected.

> 	Otherwise you need to create a new install target such as:
> install::
>         install -m 664 -p FILE1 FILE2 FILE3 .... $(HTMLDIR)
Should I do this quickly for the moment ...

> at debian-med/talks/Makefile.
> 	We could, of course, add mgp to the list of extensions that are
> automatically included if found in the local dir too... Josip?
... or could this be done soon?

Back to the topic above I would also add *.tex here ...

Kind regards


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