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Re: Please help me, I am receiving large amounts of spam as a result of my posting.

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> [2002-10-01 14:14]:
> > Speak for yourself. I think they would be equally useful if they would
> > not contain private email addresses.
>  No, they won't.  Being able to search the archives and mailing the
> person with the same problem is one of the main reasons to keep an
> archive at all.

No, that's not a good reason to keep an archive. People post to
mailing lists to help people on the mailing list, not to receive
unsolicited requests of help from outside the mailing list, and much
less to receive spam.

>  On the other hand *our* archive isn't really the problem.  The lists
> are stored and public available on lots of other sites, _including_ news
> servers (just take a look at the linux.debian.* hierarchy).  I'd bet
> that *most* of the spam that you receive for posting to a list is get
> through the news gate, /not/ through our very own webarchive.  If you
> like to render our webarchive unuseable you gain nothing /wrt spam but
> lose a lot /wrt usability.

In such case, we can, and should, forbid anyone to subscribe to our
list with the purpose of publicising the messages in any way.

> > The fact is that nobody subscribed to debian lists to be spammed but
> > everybody ends up being spammed. This is not fair for anybody and we
> > should try to change that.
>  Again, I guess that the problem is not the web archives but the news
> gate.

The problem of spam is multiple and of course is not just news gates.

> > It's sad that we are not aware enough of how much we help spammers.
>  How many spam reports have you sent to the respective abuse addresses
> in the last time?  You don't do that?  Well, you are not doing anything
> to reduce the spam level yerself then.
> Hiding isn't an option, get active.

What I do it against spam privately is my concern and only mine.

Our concern is what *we* (Debian) do against spam.
I think we could do much more than we are currently doing.

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