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Please help me, I am receiving large amounts of spam as a result of my posting.

Title: Message
Please, I neeeed your help.
I posted the following message (not knowing that my email address would be made publicly available on the internet).
"Dear Technical Committee
I have a USB Keyboard & USB Mouse, and cannot install debian from the CD. Does debian have USB keyboard support?? If so, how can I find out about it!
Many thanks
Grant Pritchard"
This was never replied to, but since I have made that posting, my grant@pritchard.net.nz email address has been able to be found via all the major search engines -- for example, google links to the http://lists.debian.org/debian-ctte/2002/debian-ctte-200204/msg00001.html page, and returns results for my email address.  This means that I am getting LARGE amounts of unsolicited spam email. Please please please remove the posting (or at least change the email address -- if you cannot delete the posting, can you change the email address to grant_pritchard@hotmail.com?)
I cannot overstate how much stress the spam email is causing me, so please help me out here. If you could remove the email address, or change it as above I would be eternally grateful.
Many thanks in advance,
Grant Pritchard

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