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Re: Small correction to security pages

* Morten Brix Pedersen <morten@wtf.dk> [2002-06-10 11:52]:
> At http://www.debian.org/security/, the suggested security line to add
> to sources.list points at 'potato'. Shouldn't this point at 'stable'
> instead?

 I don't think so.  It has different meanings.  If you would change it
to stable instead of potato you'll be tracking woody once it's released
and might end up with security updates from woody that might be

 a) uninstallable for woody dependencies and you might have potato in
    your other deb-lines

 b) unnoticed system-upgrades when woody is released. This can lead to
    different severe problems, like huge not expected downloads, or even
    service breakage due to changed setup/syntax and such.

 To be on the save side stay with potato in that line and change it when
you are aware on what you do.

wenn sich aber manche howto und man und was weiß ich nicht
für installanleitungen und hilfen sich anschaut, fragt man sich
wirklichen ob das nicht ausserirdische gepinselt haben, oder nicht
                                  -- _[puffy]_ in #debian.de

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