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Re: Translation issues

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Peter Karlsson wrote:

> > Are there any problems if I just upload a German version to CVS?
> No, that should work just fine.
> > In this case the English version of the wml file would just contain
> > an explicite link to the German page.
> Please do not, just upload the German file.
Nice.  If this is possible I will do so.
Thanks for the hint.

> Are the current pages also originally written in German?
Hmmm.  I am a German myself, but I wrote the initial pages of Debian-Med
in English by mostly copy-and-pasting descriptions of the projects
I listed on the pages.

> I started
> translating them to Swedish yesterday, and had some problems understanding
> the English, so in some cases I had to use the German, which not always
> seemed to contain the same as the English version.
I have to admit that some parts of the German translation are really ugly.
The reason is that I'm a physicist - that means no expert in the field
of medicine - and I do not understand some parts of the Engish version

> If the original is
> German, the English version should be marked as translations of the German
> versions.
This is definitely not the case but the German translation is probably not as
full of errors as the English original and thus I'm happy about all hints
and corrections.

If you think there are discrepancies in the content please drop me a note!

Kind regards and thanks for your interest


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