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Is everything focused with your Human Capital Management Resources?

Hello I apologize for the intrusion. 


I realize that I may have contacted you in the past for numerous reasons but perhaps none as crucial as why I contact you today.  I have joined a company with a service that enables successful business through human management. Since one of the most important assets to an organization are its people, Human Capital Management addresses and applies to everyone from HR to Hiring Managers. Without this group effort, success will only be in theory. 


Our goal is to provoke the question of "How would this help my company grow, and how will this help us gain market share?  Most importantly, how does this make our company money?" 


With a few minutes of your time we are able to help determine your company’s strengths and areas for improvement for items such as growth preparation, total cost per hire assessment / cost saving strategies, change management, process refinement and management, stress evaluations, methodologies for candidate retention, and many more solutions to difficult questions that companies are asking themselves today.


We offer the ability to bring to you non-biased answers to those questions and leave you with something valuable and useful.  With nearly 25 years combined experience amongst our co-founders we are able to empower your organization for the next growth, restructuring or other human capital infrastructure change.


Please let me know when you have time to speak with myself and/ or one of my partners.  This meeting is a fact-finding expedition to see how we can start a long lasting relationship with you, your company and our team here with Tri-Focus LLC.


I appreciate your time and wish you a wonderful day, 


Roger W. Pilney


Managing Partner, Resource Managament

Office Direct Dial: 512.450.1264


“Enabling successful business through human management”


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