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Re: (no subject)

* Ionel Mugurel Ciobica <tgakic@chem.tue.nl> [2002-05-15 13:38]:
> În data de 15-05-2002, la 06h 22'15", AFOBardichev@aol.com scria despre "(no subject)":
>> hi
>> can i get some advise please,
>> i have windows 2000 and installed several languages, 
>> i'm trying to use some hebrew fonts like Rashi, it actualy shows on the drop 
>> menu, but i'm trying to use it the Time New Roman is poping up, and dosent 
>> give me the option to use Rashi, 
>> with David or Aharoni i don't have any problems.
> Where is the Debian (or Linux) question here?

 I interpret the question that s/he is searching for hebrew fonts. I
don't know which xfonts-* package hosts hebrew fonts and if we have
ttf-* packages with hebrew fonts, maybe someone who knows can respond to
her/him with the pages for those packages?

 Just a thought,
    - The horrible, ugly, terrible, never-should-have-happened-in-a-megayear
    bug which caused most line-entries to crash has been fixed.  Mea culpa.
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