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Re: The hunting season is open.

In linux.debian.www, you wrote:
> 	Hello, guys. This mail is only to warn you that Spanish will be the most 
> advanced translators team in a few days... ;-)

 Thats nice - much fun with it.

> 	We've reached the 50% line just now...and we're moved by a tremendous 
> inertia. The CVS commit fever is reaching a climax. The next team passed will 
> be Japanese, and then German, but we're looking to the hatred Swedish. :-)

 Me too, me too.

 One thing I'd like you to keep in mind:  Please take a look at the
slices that are out there.  I noticed that there are not many tranlated
to [ES: -- would be a good idea to check that.

 I did it (maybe some noticed the debian-www-cvs messages *ducks*), and
found out in that that the sugguested way from translation_hints.wml
isn't working anymore: "Argument list too long".

 I had to use the following:

find english -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep '\[EN:' | cut -d: -f1 | uniq

 I guess I'll update that file.

 So long!
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