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The hunting season is open.

	Hello, guys. This mail is only to warn you that Spanish will be the most 
advanced translators team in a few days... ;-)

	We've reached the 50% line just now...and we're moved by a tremendous 
inertia. The CVS commit fever is reaching a climax. The next team passed will 
be Japanese, and then German, but we're looking to the hatred Swedish. :-)

	Peter Karlsson...the Spanish Big Brother is watching you.

	You all will be defeated. And assimilated. Hablaréis español. :-)
	                                         (You'll speak Spanish)
	Towards the world Spanish-ation,

 Why is a cow? Mu. (Ommmmmmmmmm)
Servicios de red - Network services
Centro de Comunicaciones CSIC/RedIRIS
Spanish Academic Network for Research and Development
Madrid (Spain)
Tlf (+34) 91.585.49.05

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