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Bug#140592: lists.debian.org: please provide next/prev/up/... link elements

Package: www.debian.org
Version: 20020330
Severity: wishlist

(see also bug #115991)

Since Mozilla supports <link> elements now, it would be fine to have
more of them in the mailing list archives at least (other areas of the
Debian web could profit, too, but that's probably a different bug).
Right now, only <link rev=made> is in the e-mail messages.

I think the following should be added to lists.debian.org's mhonarc
MSGPGBEGIN template:

  <link rel="index" href="$IDXFNAME$">
  <link rel="top" href="$MSG(TTOP)$">
  <link rel="up" href="$MSG(TPARENT)$">
  <link rel="prev" href="$MSG(TPREVIN)$">
  <link rel="next" href="$MSG(TNEXTIN)$">

Maybe T{PREV,NEXT} rather than T{PREV,NEXT}IN would work better.


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