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Bug#137756: www.debian.org: Debian Security Advisories not up to date

Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

> ... we could use a more automated way to publish the web page
> excerpts.  I've talked to the security officers several times about
> this and we have advanced the advisories' format so that they are
> mostly parseable. I've written a script to convert the advisory file
> into almost-finished WML, and the files generated by it usually need
> just a little bit of human intervention.
> I would have gone further in automating it, however, I don't have the
> permissions to edit the programs the security team they use to publish
> an advisory. In that program it probably wouldn't be much of a problem
> to split the advisory information into chunks suited for inclusion in
> the web page, and then copy those chunks to the right place, run the
> right stuff and make the new stuff go live.

It sounds like someone should file a bug against debian-security (and if
the bug system supports dependencies, make this one depend on it).
Joint action seems to be required.

Finally, I do not believe that this bug should be closed until the
problem is addressed in a permanent way.  Can you please reopen it?

- Dan

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