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Re: new front page, take 1

Jeff Albro wrote:
> About the "too many colors" issue.  If you make the top nav bar in a
> similar style as the rest of the page it will all look fine, and avoid the
> "clown pants" effect.

It would help, but we have to keep the debian logo up there, and that at
least means there's still be red on something (logo), yellow on black,
and black on white, on the cyan background. That's still rather a lot of

> Move the developers corner link into the helping debian box.  It looks
> lonely out there.


> Some suggestions that would apply to either this page or the current one:
> Add a search entry box next to the search button on the top nav bar.  You
> have room for it unless you go below 640x480.  Users who are looking to
> search look for an entry box.

Another possibility would be to concentrate the form-y stuff in the
upper-right corner where there is already one short form.

> Add the current DWN to the news area, and show less "other" news.  The
> logs showed (IIRC) that the DWN was far more popular.

That would be hard, DWN is really not desinged to fit into a little
box. Unless you mean the (fairly uninteresting) one line summaries of
each issue.

see shy jo

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