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Lack of non-profit partners/memberships listed on web site

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I notice a conspicuous lack of listings for non-profit organizations
Debian is allied with, a member of, or in some other way formally
recognizes as a partner.  The "partners" page is great, but that only
lists corporate partners who act in a supportive capacity towards
Debian.  Should this page be expanded in scope to include non-profits?

Some sample organizations I feel should be on this page, or maybe
a separate page.  There may be others:

- Linux International (or is that just SPI?  but in any event, li.org
  lists us as a member).


The reason I ask is I'm currently discussing with seul-edu about future
directions for their group which include the formation of a broader
coalition to promote open-source & free tools & content in education.
In the course of that discussion I was asked to approach Debian about
being part of such a group.  While I feel it is premature to ask Debian
to participate (I need to see that the coalition really gets kicked
off beyond just the discussion phase) I am concerned about the lack
of mention of Debian membership or affiliation with other non-profit
groups.  Since the seul-edu group was, among other things, talking
about acknowledgement of membership in the coalition on web sites, I
couldn't see where it would fit on our web site.

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