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Re: Bug#120848: www.debian.org: http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/index.en-us.html missing

* Kaare Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk> [2001-11-27 18:31]:
>> While we are at it - is it true that there is no way to set it in
>>konqueror?  I have searched the preferences of it but haven't found
>>anything there...  Someone who can confirm/decline that?  
> It seems that Konqueror gets its preferred language from the language
> setting in KDE's control center.  I've set up KDE to use English, but
> just changed it to Danish and voilà! www.debian.org now shows up in
> Danish when using Konqueror.

 Ah, that explains it, and it's also explained in the bugreport you

> Apparently there is no way to set up more preferred languages for use
> in Konqueror - not very user friendly...

 Not at all.  Stupid arrogant behavior, that is.

> http://bugs.kde.org/db/19/19831.html

 *ROTFLMAO*  8-))))
| There is no need to do anything specific for HTTP. It is
| generally useful for programs to be able to query which
| languages the user can understand.
| And most users (except for the French and USA'ans) _can_
| understand more than one language.

 So long :)
No Jolt and no Musik makes Alfie go crazy ...
                    -- kw in #debian.de

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