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Re: Bug#120848: www.debian.org: http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/index.en-us.html missing

* John Dalbec <jdalbec@cboss.com> [2001-11-24 09:06]:
> IMO the "What should I set the [language] variable to?" section needs to have 
> a link to it from the top of the intro/cn page.  As it is I linked to 
> "Setting the preferred language in a browser", saw the line for Mozilla, and 
> assumed there was no useful information further down.

 While we are at it - is it true that there is no way to set it in
konqueror?  I have searched the preferences of it but haven't found
anything there...  Someone who can confirm/decline that?  Maybe we
should write something up about that too and even bug the package if
it's really not able to do so...

 So long,
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