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Re: English files out of date but not really

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> News/weekly/2001/21/index and ports/powerpc/index.  Those files have
> korean version too, but korean version doesn't have translation-check
> header, so I think this might be the bug.  Maybe that script
> calculating percentages should assume "translators are stupid" and not
> let them(or us) mess things?

 I think the script should only check for different origin if in the
english version is a translation-check header.  Everything else is
bogus.  So if that is fixed these two files shouldn't be reported
anymore, or rather the translators should be notified of the missing
translation-check (it was said quite often, is that done now?)

> It just so simple that you cannot assume people can read manuals and
> follow those.  But as a quick fix, I'm going to add those headers
> files specified and also remove german/News/1998/19981124, because
> original for that file no longer exists.

 Thanks for the later, I simply forgot to ask Joey if that was something
he left over during hes cleaning session or if he knows where it came
from.  On the other hand I should have simply removed it, it's CVS after

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