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Removal from Mailinglists-archive

Hi there

I've been receiving a lot of Spam lately and I think it originates from the
fact, that I accidentally used my two most precious email-adresses with the
I know that you're busy people and that you propably have a lot better stuff
to do, than helping me out with my unimportant issue, but I would be very
thankful if you could offer a few minutes to edit the following threads. It
would make me sleep a lot better.
I really appreciate your sacrifice.

I'm talking about two threads in December 2000.
I would like any reference to those 2 email-addresses removed (they also
show up in some replies):
If you wish, you can replace it with this email-adress, which I also check
Also I would like any reference to my last name "Sawallich" removed.

This is a view of the threads (by author) I'm talking about:

    UDMA66 boot problem /HPT370 Dec 12
    RE: UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Dec 14

Alexander Sawallich
    UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Dec 12

Now sorted by thread:

UDMA66 boot problem /HPT370 Alexander
UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Alexander Sawallich
    Re: UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Karl Hammar
    <Possible follow-up(s)>
    RE: UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Jon Branch
        Re: UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Glenn McGrath
    RE: UDMA66 boot problem/HPT370 Alexander

Thanks a lot for everything. A short reply in case anyone read this would be
I really appreciate your support for Debian

Alexander Sawallich

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