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Re: Bug#106300: www.uk.debian.org displays in Chinese

În data de 23/07/2001, 17:09:46, Simon Wood a scris:
> package: www.debian.org
> Hi all,
> I'm seeing a weird problem with the localisation of www.uk.debian.org, 
> it's insistent in displaying in Chinese.... I have noted the instructions
> of setting the default language, mine is definitely set to English-UK.
> At first I thought this was a problem with Mozilla (PC 0.9.2) but this 
> also occurs with Internet Exploder 5, but NOT with Netscape 4.7.
> This problem seems limited to www.uk.debian.org, both www.debian.org and
> www.es.debian.org display correctly (in English).
> A colleague can reproduce this on his PC so it's unlikely a setting on 
> my machine.
> I have a direct connection (i.e. not proxied) so it's not a proxy doing
> stuff it shouldn't.
> Simon Wood
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You should ask English not English-UK or
English-US. Or put plain English the next
entry after English-UK or English-US because
if the document is not available in English-UK
you will not get plain English instead. Have
a look at 
http://www.debian.org/intro/cn.html or 
for English if you get again Chinese.


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