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Re: Romanian navbars

Hello Anthony,
> > I do not mind for this changes, but news.ro.gif and distrib.ro.gif
> > are wrong. The Capital "S" from Stiri (News) should have a comma
> > under it, like in U0218 unicode character (S comma below)
> > and the second "t" from Distributie (Distribution) should
> > have as well a comma under it, like in U021B unicode character
> > (t comma below).
> Oops, sorry about that!  :-)

You could not know about this.
> > I am 100% sure that "14-pixel anti-aliased Monotype Arial font"
> > has no clue about this comma under accent. Just make sure you
> > don't put a cedilla, by mistake. A regular comma, maybe smaller
> > should do the trick.
> Actually, the Monotype Arial font does include iso-8859-2 in full.
> Those so-called Microsoft Web Core fonts include support for iso-8859-*,
> just about covering all European languages.  :-)  The problem was in
> pics.conf, because the ASCII "S" and "t" were used instead of
> "S," and "t,".  But indeed, I should have looked more carefully before
> submitting all the *.ro.gif files.  :-)

I have seen that Microsoft fonts have t_comma_below instead of t_cedilla,
but they are still call it t_cedilla. Those are not good fonts, I try to
don't use them. It is not fair to have a glyps in a place of another.
Only Lucida typewriter from M$ contain the s and t comma_below (at
the end, after all glyps).
There are Romanian fonts (one is Ciula) which has a_breve instead
of q, s_comma_below instead of w and i_circumflex instead of k.
Just to make Romanian to comply to iso-8859-1. 
> > Those commas I added myself some time ago using xpaint. But the
> > letters were clear. Now there are not, so I can't do it the same
> > way.
> Anyhow, thanks for the lesson on Romanian.  I knew nothing about
> "S," and "t," until now.  Hey, no wonder!  *You* wrote this page?
> 	http://httpd.chello.nl/i.ciobica/page.html
> :-)  (Yes, I decided to search for "cedilla romanian comma" to investigate
> when I noticed that only S-cedilla is in iso-8859-2.  :-)  Your page
> gives the best explanation!  Cool stuff!

Thank you. That is the old page. The new one is
"http://httpd.chello.nl/s.ciobica/page.html";, but
is not too different.

Thank you for your help.


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