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Re: Inconsistent list info

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 08:52:57PM +0100, Isaac wrote:
> Some inconsistencies/omissions in the list descriptions are below.
> Firstly, shouldn't they share the list description text ?
> Or, at least, one could have Short, the other Short+Long ?

Probably, but we unfortunately haven't implemented it that way in the first
place, and now it would be bothersome to change...

> Secondly, shouldn't the second page mentioned below and it's CGI be on
> lists.debian.org as well ?

Also a remnant of the past. Anyway, it still works this way.

> debian-all-changes isn't mentioned.

I believe debian-all-changes was removed recently.

> debian-changes-digest isn't mentioned.

The -digest mailing lists aren't mentioned on the list archives because they
aren't archived.

(Sorry to have taken this long to reply.)

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