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navbar images


The way how navigation bar images are built has changed, hopefully for the
better. I invite the translators to read /devel/website/navbar_images and
follow the instructions there to create or update navigation bar images.

Pay special attention to the new sitemap image. Once enough people find a
suitable translation for that to put in the navbar, and generate the image,
it will be included.

I've converted most of the stuff for the non-doublebyte languages, but I
didn't touch the remaining three translations (Japanese, Chinese and
Korean). These translators might have a bit more trouble dealing with these
changes, although it's nothing fatal.

If anyone for some reason can't regenerate their images with debbar.pl,
please let us know at the mailing list, and we'll work something out.

P.S. I'd like to know what are those changes in the Norwegian version of
debbar.pl, can someone shed some light on that? Tor?

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