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Re: "Rom?n?u4w==" or "Română" , which is correct? (fwd)

> >
> > > I think you want the ă entity (at least, that fits the
> > > character you are describing).
> >
> >Yes, that seems to be it, iso_8859-2(7) says
> >
> >        343   227   E3     _     LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH BREVE
> >
> >However, Mozilla 0.8 doesn't display anything but the literal "ă",
> >even though it does display an _ properly. Odd.
> >
> the most successful  seems to be the ă The ă (yes, this is it) 
> is displayed as text in Netscape and M$. I settled for the ă, hope is ok

I installed Netscape 6.1 and this one shows OK the UNICODE character
in a similar way that IE does. However this version of netscape
is not stable and I would not recommend it to be used. Netscape
4.7 is OK even if the support for UNICODE is poor.

Since we are talking about how to display correctly Romanian characters,
I should point to you that iso-8859-2, which is used to display Romanian
text is not good enough. Two Romanian letters are left behind. This is
corrected in iso-8859-16, but there are not fonts for this encoding.
I am talking about <t comma below> and <s comma below> which are 
<U021B> and <U0219> in Unicode. 

Also, the quotation in Romanian is not made by "text", or ``text'',
but rather with ,,text´´ (close to German). <U201E> and <U201D>.
If I am going to use those for the Romanian nobody will be able to
read the text, because to many ? will be on the text. Any suggestions?

I have also a questions about the search page (http://search.debian.org/).
Some time the values in webwml/english/searchtmpl/search.def corresponding
to Romanian (such as "Cel puţin un cuvînt") is shown using latin1 encoding
and sometime using latin2 encoding. At list with my Netscape 4.7 browser.
The rest of the text is shown with latin2 encoding. What cause this change?

Do I have to put there also some html tags instead of letters, such as
"Cel pu&#21B;in un cuv&icirc;nt"?

Thank you for your help,


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