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Re: RFC: navbar changes...

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 03:29:58PM +0300, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> >> - I think the empty space between the debian logo and the 'select a
> >> mirror' thing is too big. It might look better if the logo were a
> >> bit more on the right. Not a \hfill\logo\hfill\mirror\hfill, but
> >> more a \hspace{10%}\logo\hfill\mirror. But that's a personal
> >> opinon, of course.
> > 
> > Well, it's made so that one thing is on the right and one is on the
> > left, like a symmetry. And, if we add spacing we would risk wrapping
> > the table on small resolutions :)
> Not really as top box already uses quite much space horizontally.

Erm, top box? Do you mean the navbar?

> >> An unrelated comment: - The left box list would look better (IMHO)
> >> if we populated a bit the 'Developers' corner' part with some
> >> subitems.
> > 
> > Well, I think the purpose of that is that the front page is to be
> > aimed at users, and that everything that's for developers only
> > should be in the developers' corner.
> So, maybe if more space is really needed in top box, "Development"
> link could be removed?  Left box's link to Developer's Corner would be
> enough then.

Remember how this would be a change for _all_ web pages -- there should
definitely be a link to devel because it's still an important part. (But
just a link.)

> IMHO, good detail in your's proposition is that it doesn't have blue
> box around contact information, plain white is better because it
> doesn't grab readers attention.

Yes, when I first did it I thought it would be useful, but later I saw the
light(TM). :)

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