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Re: Debian favicon.icon

Jaime E . Villate wrote:
> > In short, Erik also provided the swirl as favicon.ico.  I wonder
> > if and how we (I?) should add it to the website?
> My opinion is that you should not add that favicon.ico to the website, because
> the .ico format is proprietary of Microsoft. Adding the swirl in .ico format
> would be like adding a copy of the Debian Manifest in Word's .doc format :-)

I have been told elsewhere that at least in newer versions of windows,
.ico can be any standard image file. It may even be scaled to the right
size. So, a png for example is said to work.

Even the old windows .ico format is hardly proprietary. It is a bmp file
with a prespecified size and pallette, and I think several programs in
debian can output that format. GIF files are *far* more prioprietary a

I personally think the favicon thing is fairly braindead (in particular,
it's silly the way there is one global one per website, the file name
ending in .ico is dumb, etc), and am not in favor of doing anything that
would make it seem more standard. But I don't know that just tossing one
on our website is going too far down that path. 

see shy jo

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